Subarta Social Enterprise Limited (SSEL)

Registered as ‘Subarta Social Enterprise Private Limited’ under the Companies Act in January 2019, 99.80% shareholder of which is Subarta Trust. This company was established under the initiative of Subarta Trust.

Salina Akther, founder of Subarta, has been engaged in humanitarian efforts, both formally and informally, since the year 2000. Meanwhile, in the Manikganj district, a small-scale effort to produce and market residue-free food products and chemical fertilizers was launched, and sales to city dwellers began at a store on Bailey Road in Dhaka. In addition, the business owner is actively pursuing her own initiative to employ rural women by manufacturing and selling handicrafts under the brand name “Aakor.”

In 2010, Subarta Trust was established and given legal status by the Trust Act. Dhaka and Savar simultaneously opened their first integrated service centers that year to protect the privacy and independence of the city’s growing population of elderly and people with disabilities.

In 2012, Subarta started a program called “Caregiver Training” in Durgapur, Netrakona district. The submission of a proposal to the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) in 2018 with the goal of “caregiver as an honorable and profitable profession” is indicative of the persistence with which the caregiver profession has been sought after in the public eye. For larger social business endeavors, the ‘Subarta Trust’ company established the ‘Subarta Social Enterprise Limited’ in January 2019. This organization now operates a “Specialized Geriatric Care Institute.”

Salina Akther, an entrepreneur and the General Secretary of Subarta Trust, serves as the company’s Managing Director. She has been honored by organizations like the Daily Star-DHL, MIDAS, the Praveen Hitaishi Shangha for his contribution to geriatric care in 2000, and the Ashoka Fellow program in 2015, as well as being named the Best Entrepreneur by MIDAS in 2019.


  • Geriatric Caregiver training on demand and short courses or training from elementary to graduate level, world-class scientific care training, traditional care-technologies, foreign language courses, publishing books, magazines, computer training, and establishing training centers through partnership or other means

  • Human resources marketing training and the installation of link booths and to empower them, traditional care service providers will be transformed into full-fledged care businesses.

  • Development and sale of special care housing with care centers and care labs across the country for elderly housing support, as well as the establishment of training centers, dormitories, day care, specialized homes, and rehabilitation centers for distressed communities.

  • To give the elderly and critically ill the right environment for special care, integrated care centers and primary and advanced care labs (with services like counseling, gyms, nutrition, and more) provide global and non-medical services as well as geriatric health care and specialty health care. Projects are put into action

  • Production of agricultural products, processing, production of high-quality crops, nursery, rooftop garden, dairy, fishery, mushroom, poultry, and many other healthy products, sale of organic fertilizers and pesticides and creation of fertilizer banks, creation of local farmers markets, agricultural products related. By making markets, co-op markets, country markets for products that aren’t usually sold there, making special transportation for moving and selling products, and opening and building sales centers.

  • Property protection for expatriate Bangladeshis, senior citizens, and vulnerable individuals. Developing ecotourism and resort projects Product sales and import-export services for the elderly and the needy Make necessary products. Art and craft training/workshops, community-based commercial music and drama, solar light installation, and investment in social businesses led by women.

  • Providing financial assistance to the elderly and challenged people through special housing schemes, economic activities of members, parental assistance schemes, care training deposit schemes, and other schemes.

  • To further its business goals, the Company may form partnerships, joint ventures, or combine with any other organization, and may also borrow money from banks and other financial institutions in any way the Company sees fit.

  • Guarantee the security liability of any Subsidiary or Firm and/or third party that relies on the Company’s assets as collateral in order to obtain a Loan or Credit Facility.


We envision a society in which all people in times of need can feel secure.


Building a safe world for the challenged people by strengthening the institution through various enterprises such as the introduction of Care Science, the establishment of an Integrated Care System through professional manpower, the construction of special housing, Care Financing, and Food Security.

Current Activities

  1. Specialized Geriatric Care Institute (SGCI) – Geriatric Care Training Center will be the first of its kind in the country, operating as a social enterprise with an integrated Caregiver training strategy. Nearing completion on its six-story frame, the structure stands beside Subarta Trust’s Swapalok Peace Valley 2. In addition to providing training for caregivers, the campus also serves as a long-term care research center for people with special needs. The ‘United Nations Capital Development Funds’ are helping out here.
  2. SUSHAKTI (Professional Skilled Manpower Investment Scheme)– Caregivers in arena provide outdoor services (in people’s homes and various offices) in fixed-term or on-demand basis. The company strives to provide all types of services to various types of people (geriatric, palliative, autistic, psychiatric, long term, childcare) while also ensuring value for money. Sushakti’s caregivers are enrolled in a long-term education program and will have future opportunities to participate in the international market.
  3. Khati Krishi– In addition to Singair’s Swapalok Peace Valley 2 and Elderly Care, the entrepreneurs are responsible for organic, non-toxic farming. Here, seven entrepreneurs are engaged in the production and processing of agricultural goods, and ninety contact farmers are involved. SSEL connects farmers and entrepreneurs to government initiatives, offers training, leases land, and markets agricultural products. In the meantime, the government initiative ‘Uttam Krishi Paricharya’ markets agricultural goods twice per week at ‘Krishoker Bazar’ in Sech Bhawan on Manik Mia Avenue and next to Pallabi Post Office in Mirpur-Dhaka. In addition, the SSEL headquarters has opened a flagship sales center showcasing organic and safe products. Agriculture will be bolstered by the full cooperation of seven entrepreneurs in the production and processing of agricultural products, dairy and milk products, fisheries, organic fertilizer production, and fruit orchards. Subarta Social Enterprise will foster the growth of agriculture and agricultural products by assisting farmers and entrepreneurs. It is anticipated that within the next three years, it will be able to become a fully functional business that will benefit agricultural entrepreneurs.

Board Member

This company's operations are overseen by 5 board members appointed by the 'Subarta Trust.'
Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed
Professor Abdullah Abu SayeedChairman
Salina Akther
Salina AktherManaging Director
Shib Narayan Kairy
Shib Narayan Kairy
Khalid Hasan
Khalid Hasan
Shirin Jahangeer
Shirin Jahangeer

Contact us right away if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in social business.

Subarta Social Enterprise Limited

Contact us right away if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in social business.

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