Home Caregiver (Shu-Shakti):
Side by side providing Indoor services to elderly and Challenged people, we also provide Caregiver Support to elderly at their residence in and around Dhaka City.

Our Caregivers are trained in Geriatric and other elderly disease.
Our caregivers may be deputed on full time basis or on hourly basis.
Our Supervisors regularly monitor Caregivers performance.
We replace caregiver, if needed. We ensure regular services.
Our System of deputing Caregiver is that we first visit the client, talk to him or her, assess his/her requirement and Categorizes his/her in to three Categories:
1. Special Care – Bed-riden
2. Support Care – Semi Bed–Ridden
3. General – Normal with good health
4. Clinical patient care –
We instruct our Caregivers to provide services according to need.