dyeing techniques in own premises and own staff


When working with natural dyes, colorfastness, or keeping the same color when washed or exposed to light, is important. From selecting fibers to mixing a dyebath, At Aakor our Master Craftsman take every precaution to ensure colorfastness. Participent used to know whole and extract ingredients for colorfast natural home dying in our training process.

Protein-based fibers, like wool and silk, have many microscopic pores to catch dye. On a microscopic level, cellulose-based plant fibers (like cotton and linen) are very slick.

Successful trainees are accepted into the aakor fashion cell, an incubation group for cutting-edge aakor designs with an eye toward both the domestic and global markets. For many years, Aakor has relied on the Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh to send its representatives to preeminent international trade fairs.