Subarta is registered as a Trust as per Trust Act of the Country. It is also registered with the Joint companies according to Societies Act. The Organization is controlled and managed by a competent Board of Trustees, including five affiliated members drawn from the corporate sector for a period of two years with the provision to re-elect and rein duct them. The members of the Board of Trustees have feelings for elderly and have vast experience, wide knowledge and social goodwill. The present Chairman of the Board of Trustees is Prof. Abdullah Abu Sayeed, a renowned educationist of the Country.
The day to day management is run by Mrs. Salina Akther with the assistance of qualified management and logistic staffs. The organization has employed Manager (Admin), Programmer Coordinator, supervisor. Care givers, Nurse physiotherapist and other logistic staff’s. The management engages legal advisors, Chartered Accountant and other Consultants in case of need.
Subarta Trust was formed in the year 2009 with the prime objective to extend quality class services to elderly and thereby ensure a prestigious and peaceful life for them.
Our Objectives:
1. To sensitize society as a whole about vulnerability and special neervices for caring of elderly and challenged
4. To develop and promote Specialized accommodation (Both Ownership and lease model) , which incorporates Geriatric services and recreation to elderly and socially excluded people.
5. Place advocacy by demonstration to reform the prevailing law regarding elderly and disabled, help formulate appropriate law and policies and provide sufficient guidance for nationwide implementation.

Addressing the problems of aging , an estimated 10% ( 60 million people ) of our population is living with some kind of mental, physical or social disability The numbers of elderly and Challenged people is growing geometrically and even then the number of elderly is growing fast, there is lack of appropriate accommodation, appropriate care and nursing and infrastructure and skilled manpower that tend to their specific medical , physical and psychological needs. Further, there is poor awareness of the special circumstances and problems faced by the elderly and disabled. , which perpetuates stigma and leads them to a vulnerable groups, which is causing poor treatment and care, family unrest and social problems.
Mrs. Salina completed all legal matters and formed Subarta Trust. Initially She set up it initially at Shyamoly and then expanded it at at Bank Town , Savar in a panarmonic natural view. Mrs. Salina faced many ordeal in taking rent of hose at Bank town, savar, However, despite many odd, she successfully managed six rented house at Bak Town till september2016
Subarta management respectfully recognize support of all individual, Corporate, Banks. Local administration, Social club, media, Hospitals in different times. We express gratitude to our entire well –wishers.