This is a living accommodation for financially insolvent and disanvantaged elderly and Challenged people.It provides food. Accommodation and primary Health care at :
1. Their Expenditure / cost may be subsidized or may be substituted from Cross-cutting from financially solvent Swapnolok peace valley.
2. They may be financed from from Zakat/ Charity/ donation/ CSR.
The disanvantaged Caregivers will get Chances to stay in Subarta Probeen Sheba Kendra , when they will become elderly and distressed. Subarta reserves the right to search for help from society declaring personal and family history of the residents incase to meet his/her expenses. Subarta Probeen Sheba Kendra was in operation at Baushi union of Burhutta Upazilla at Nethrokona District till Covid-19 hit us savagely.

It is something we are quite interested in picking back up with the help of CSR funds.