There is a dearth need of professional and efficient caregivers in the society. Institutionalize Caregiver training nis absent in our country and there is no system of Certification. Our people in general are dependent on house servent or upon to family members for Caring. To Cope with the need of time, Subarta is imparting practical and theoretical training to caregivers. On completion of training, they are put to duty either at our center or at outdoor (at elderly resident’s house. The caregivers are getting and from reasonable salary range. The Caregivers are mostly recruited from village area with sound physique and capability.

We have internal arrangement with Geriatric Faculty Department of Albama Universtuy of USA and their Asst. Professor Dr. Samia Uddin is training our Care givers face to face, when possible and giving training through Skype. She trains our Caregivers and award Certificate to them. Further, Our Two Caregivers received six months training on palliative care at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University . It enriched their Capacity of caring. A manual has been prepared by Subarta Trust for Caring and Resource person of different discipline are working with manual.