Swapnalok: Social Reform and Future Security Model

Subarta Trust is striving to develop a model for old age security so that people of all ages plan and implement the same through their own means. This model would be replicated throughout the country.

The model involves setting up a fully serviced senior citizens complex in urban, semi-urban and rural settings, where senior citizens can live, take care of their basic needs, get medical attention and engage in productive and recreational activities,. Subarta will manage the complex and provide all services.

These serviced residential units, such as cottages or suites, will come under the corporate ownership of Swapnalok. Those who own property will be in a position to bring about a social change or reform in the way we view and make arrangements for our old age.

People talk of not being a burden to their children but rarely take practical or timely steps not to be a burden to themselves; there is also the issue of who will provide care when we are no longer able to care for ourselves.

Ownership of Swapnalok property allows the development of professional caregivers and provides the best alternative to a family having to look after an elderly member: community care and interaction. Individuals or companies who own Swapnalok property will not only have Subarta Trust managing an upscale facility for ageing family members or employees, but will generate funds and resources for the welfare and security of abandoned or distressed senior citizens under its direct care; the able bodied among them will have jobs in Swapnolok. People who can afford Swapnolok service-accommodation and the elderly-in-need will both benefit. When an owner or family no longer needs such accommodation, it can be donated or sold for use by other senior citizens. By investing in Swapnalok, owners become social reformers.